Funeral D.O.O. SINANOVIC was founded in 1986 in Sanski Most , as the first private funeral company.

Thanks to the reputation and confidence of our clients we have grown into a large company.

We provide help to our customers in everything related to death and funerals.Considering our long experience and knowledge we make every effort to fulfill our customer expectations,weather they are simple or not.

The main part of our job is transporting deccesed person from abroad.We also have a lot of experience organizeing documents,contacting the doctors,helping in the embassy,consulting and arrangeing transportation,wich can be done either by air or a car,depending of the destination.

We have our own mainfacture of coffins too.Therefore we offer a wide range of coffins in all price categories.

Click FOTOGRAFIJE to see larger images of the coffins.                

In our offices you will meet well prepared and trained staff with expertise and knowledge in funeral matters.The staff speaks English.

You are more than welcome to contact us any time at D.O.O. SINANOVIC.

           Tel / Fax 00387 37 686 777             Mobil      00387 61 891 680

                                  HELPLINE 24h  00387 37 692 019

                                              D.O.O. SINANOVIC
                                             Bulevar VII korpusa b.b
                                                79260 Sanski Most
                                              Bosnien Hercegovina

D.O.O. Sinanović Pogebno Preduzeće FONUS - Kozarac. 

Nalazimo se u ulici Rade Kondica 40 u Kozarcu.

Kompletna organizacija pogrebnih usluga od trenutka smrti do ukopa te veliki izbor pogrebne opreme.


Kontakt Fonus - Kozarac:

Tel./Fax: 00387 52 211-250

Mob:      00387 61 146-051  - Senadin Čaušević

             00387 61 891 680

                                                    Dezurni tel 24 h:

                                                    00387 37 692 019